Asking sponsors for feedback

I've always struggled to ask for information on the results and feedback to Failory's sponsors.

I'm always worried about getting negative comments about the performance of the sponsorships (and literally feeling as if I'd have stolen them money).

However, I've recently realized that I wouldn't be able to improve the ad results if I didn't ask for feedback. So I've set up a Notion dashboard to remind me about doing this and keep track of comments.

Hopefully, today's reply from a recent sponsor was positive:

I think the ad did amazing! Got total 90 new subs that day. All in all very happy :) Easily 5-10x the amount of subs I normally get per day.

It's interesting how an email from a company telling me the ad went well or that they want to keep sponsoring the website/newsletter makes me feel x100 times better than closing a sponsorship deal.

Date: March 8