Back to (Zoom) university

Today I started my second year of university (Business Economics degree).

I had 6 hours 40 minutes of classes. Through Zoom.

At least 3 hours could have been cut.

My university has implemented the same offline teaching model to Zoom classes, without changing anything more than adding the use of iPads instead of whiteboards.

I've taken dozens of online courses and I love online education. Yet I hate Zoom university. It's like they have taken the worst of the online and offline worlds.

The online courses I've taken tend to be the best and most technical extracts of Zoom university classes. As I finish a module, I tend to know something new, applicable.

Today's university classes taught me almost nothing new. They were full of fluff, presentations and revisions of the contents seen in the last semester.

Professors and subjects are good this semester, fortunately. And I have the option to skip classes and watch them recorded at x2 speed. So not all are bad news ;)

Date: March 1