Hack to boost email subscription confirmation

Here's a quick hack to increase the percentage of users who confirm their newsletter subscription (in case you have double opt-in) → Add a countdown timer on the page the user is re-directed to after submitting the subscription form:


I give people 5 minutes, thought that's unreal, as they can confirm the newsletter the following day and it'd still work.

However, the countdown timer makes them feel like they need to confirm the subscription urgently and they stop navigating through the website so as to do it.

I've seen an immediate increase in the percentage of people confirming their subscription from the total of people submitting the subscription form.

Here's the code of my countdown timer:

<div class="timer"><span id="timer"></span></div>
document.getElementById('timer').innerHTML =
  005 + ":" + 00;

function startTimer() {
  var presentTime = document.getElementById('timer').innerHTML;
  var timeArray = presentTime.split(/[:]+/);
  var m = timeArray[0];
  var s = checkSecond((timeArray[1] - 1));
  //if(m<0){alert('timer completed')}
  document.getElementById('timer').innerHTML =
    m + ":" + s;
  setTimeout(startTimer, 1000);

function checkSecond(sec) {
  if (sec < 10 && sec >= 0) {sec = "0" + sec}; // add zero in front of numbers < 10
  if (sec < 0) {sec = "59"};
  return sec;

Date: March 10