Building business systems

I've lately been listening to a book called Clockwork, by Mike Michalowicz (author of Profit First),.

And there's a whole chapter about building systems within your business.

And there were two things that made a click on me and that I'll be implementing on Failory:

  • Don't build super detailed systems → By the time you finish creating them, they will be outdated. Instead, reduce your system to the mains steps and allow employees to improve them over time, adding steps, frequently asked questions, etc. This is something I've missed in the past. For example, I spent days and weeks writing super detailed documents on how to get and publish interviews on Failory. By the time I found someone to take care of the process, the systems were already outdated as I had changed the tools I used and Webflow CMS settings.
  • I've recently been working with Dani, who's taking care of the interview. And this time, I did things differently. I recorded some videos and explained some things on a few calls we had. He'll probably be then documenting his work and improving the system over time.

  • Record a system. Then ask someone to re-record it → As you do a task you want to outsource in the future, record your work (using tools like Loom). When you want to outsource it, share that video with the person. As it's a really simple video, without any script and editing, the delegated person will probably go back to you to ask you more questions. Reply to him and ask him to record a better video, now including the answers to these questions. The systems will keep improving and be updated over time.

Date: February 26