Failory acquires Phoenix Down

I'll admit that title had a little bit of clickbait. It wasn't an acquisition, but rather a merge between the two sites.

Phoenix Down was a website started by Dani Díez, in which he interviewed the founders of failed startups - the same idea as one of Failory's verticals.

Dani worked on it for 2-3 months, publishing 7 interviews. However, he then got into other projects and lost motivation to work on Phoenix Down.

Recently, Dani reached me out as he was interested in collaborating with me at Failory. We got on a call, we got to know each other and we agreed:

  1. To shut down Phoenix Down and re-direct the URL to Failory.
  2. To move Phoenix Down's content to Failory.
  3. Dani to join Failory to work on our interviews (and + projects in the future).

I'm really excited about this merge, particularly because of point 3. I've tried to delegate the interviews work many times in the past, but with little success. Freelancers I hired wouldn't understand:

  • What was a failed startup.
  • What kind of startups and interviewees were a great fit with Failory's audience.
  • How to find failed startups and their founder's information.
  • How to do the initial reach out.

Instead, Dani:

  • Understands really well Failory and our audience, as he was part of it.
  • Has experience finding and reaching out failed startup founders.
  • Is interested in working on more projects besides the interviews.

For the first time, I think I've found the right person to work with on Failory's interviews (+ other projects).

Date: February 12