Project: Amazon Cemetery

Along with the new website design I'm building on Failory, which is what I've lately been mostly working on, I'm launching the Amazon Cemetery, listing and analyzing all Amazon failed products and startups.


All the research and work is done. I'm only pending to publish the articles and format them on Webflow.

I'll be doing a soft launch, promoting it with Failory's newsletter and social networks, but not in communities and entrepreneur groups, like Product Hunt (as I'd normally do).

The reason for this is that I'll be doing a hard launch for the website, in the form of Failory v3 (we launched Failory v2 more than 2 years ago), and the Amazon Cemetery will already be included there.

What's the purpose of the Amazon Cemetery for Failory? To grow our organic traffic, as part of the goal #2 I've set for 2021 (grow Failory's organic traffic from 50k users per month to 150k).

I've found that some people tend to look for each of the Amazon failed products, which is where our individual product pages should show up, as well as more general queries like "amazon failures", in which our landing page for the Amazon Cemetery should show up.

The Amazon Cemetery is followed by the Google Cemetery. The great thing about this is that the technical side will be the same for all of the "Company cemetery" and that I've already set up a process for from coming up with a cemetery idea to launching it, which can be 100% outsourced.

For the Google Cemetery, I'll be probably working with an intern on all the research, formatting and launching part, and with a writer on the articles for each of the Google failed products.

Some other company cemetery ideas I've been considering:

  • Microsoft Cemetery
  • Apple Cemetery
  • Shark Tank Cemetery
  • Y Combinator Cemetery

If you have any other idea, drop me an email at nico@failory.com!

Date: February 16