Failory's new website update

The new website design is almost finished.

It's taking me around 3 weeks already. It'd have been much less if I'd have just copied the designer's files - but I've done lots of changes to them, created new pages and edited a lot the copywriting.

Today, I started to upload the content into the new website. I did it using Webflow Import feature, which allowed me to export the items from Failory's previous Webflow site, change some things and bulk upload them into the new site.

Something I'm pretty proud of is how fast the website charges. Look at the PageSpeed metric for the same article on the current website vs the new one (and this, without compression of images done yet!):


Tomorrow I'm having a call with Failory's SEO consultant to talk about the new design of the blog and articles. I've changed the structure of it, adding category pages and displaying the articles in a different way.

I'm also doing some new things related to inter-linking and adding markup scheme, which the current website doesn't have.

The last details are taking me a lot, but this project should be ready by this weekend 🤞!

Date: February 23