Writing every day for one month

It’s been a month since I started the habit of writing every day.

I only failed once. Just 2 days ago. It was the day before Failory 3.0's launch, so I got busy preparing things and completely forgot about doing the daily writing.

During the first 2 weeks, I felt really enthusiastic about the habit. I got tons of things to write about, connected articles between them really well and shared the posts everywhere I could.

But in the last days, I’ve started to lose the interest on it. I'm felling the articles I'm writing don't provide much value, I'm running out of ideas and I'm postponing the writing throughout the whole day, just until I have to go to sleep.

I'm particularly struggling with the point of coming up with article ideas. I have a list of 20 topics I want to write about, but I don't feel like writing any of them. Many of them require big amounts of effort and focus into the writing, so every day I take a look at the list and decide to go with a low-effort post, sharing something I did on that day.

I'll be keeping an eye on my interest in the habit over time. I want to keep writing, but I've been thinking about doing it differently, like once a week and longer posts, in which there's more value than in the 7 posts I'm writing right now per week.

Date: March 5