First time on a podcast

In the last weeks, I received 4-5 invites to participate on podcasts.

I kept declining them, because of three reasons:

  1. I didn't have time as I was busy with Failory 3.0's launch.
  2. I was worried about my English, particularly when interviews were long.
  3. I didn't feel I could provide much value to that podcast's audience.

However, last week I did accept to participate on one.

I checked the podcast and liked the interviews. They were short episodes, which meant I wouldn't have big issues with keeping a conversation in English. Failory 3.0's work was finished. And I thought that, with some preparation, I was going to be able to say one or two interesting things.

The podcast went really well and I enjoyed a lot the conversation. The host was a Failory subscriber so he already knew the project and came up with great questions. I was able to tell Failory's story and some lessons from running the project. And everything was spontaneous, as I wasn't able to prepare anything more than to listen one or two episodes of the podcast prior to the recording.

I think I'll start accepting more invitations now that I've realized my fear was silly and that participating on podcasts is something I enjoy. Hopefully, it'll help me build an audience and grow my Twitter following.

Update: Here's the published episode.

Date: March 7