Having a big sponsor

During the last 3 years, Failory has probably had between 50 and 100 different sponsors.

100% of them came organically. I've done almost 0 cold outreach to get sponsors, as it's something I don't really enjoy doing. Brands that sponsor us find about the website somewhere, come across our Sponsors page and contact me to send them more details.

But this approach has led to two things:

  • Sponsorship packages are cheap compared to other similar websites and newsletters. I could probably sell them for 50%-100% more if I did cold outreach.
  • Sponsors don't stay over time. I keep a stretch schedule of 1-2 sponsors every month, all booked with at least 2-3 months in advanced. And this doesn't provide a great user experience, as ads are changing every time, making them feel exhausted of so many different ad messages.

Recently, along with Dani, we decided to move away from this mindset and begin looking for a big sponsor to work with for at least for 6-12 months.

We don't want to limit this sponsorship just to some ads in the website and newsletter, but to build a partnership with the brand, which leads to Failory being associated to that company (as Indie Hackers is linked to Stripe and Starter Story to Klaviyo).

Hopefully, it also be a company we like and use ourselves. I guess that'll make the relationship much more easy-flowing.

Date: March 17