Failory's January 2021 Report

January was an okay month for Failory.

However, it was a great one considering the low amount of work I put into the project.

The reason for this is that I got COVID, which meant staying in bed for +5 days, and I went on a +2 week holiday.

It's great to see that even with little work, the project keeps going and bringing a steady income.

Let's get into the numbers.


62,216 people visited Failory in January.

53,565 (86%) came from Google, which is where I've lately been putting all my efforts. My goal is to grow that figure to 150,000 by the end of the year.

All these people viewed 193,708 pages, an average of 3.11 each one.


Few of all these users (only 211) converted into email subscribers, which is something I'll be working on improving in the following months (see my projects for this year).

At the same time, there were many unsubscribes (115) throughout the 4 emails I sent in the month.

Overall, the newsletter grew in 96 subscribers, bringing the list to a total of 7,880 subscribers.


January's revenue was $1,887.90, coming from:

  • $1,000 → A great newsletter for marketers sponsored our website and newsletter through The Everything Package.
  • $411.23 → Affiliate commissions from 8 different tools, services and courses. 28% of the commissions came from one specific service.
  • $331.67 → Three email sponsorships from two companies.
  • $145 → Failory's Product-Market Fit eBook got 10 sales, all at $15, except to one at $10.

Expenses were $219.84, coming from:

  • $108 → Tools. Let me break it down:
    • $40 → Webflow's hosting x2 → For Failory's current and upcoming websites.
    • $39 → Sendinblue → Failory's email marketing tool. I'm soon switching to ConvertKit.
    • $15 → Quuu Promote → I'm not using it and it hasn't brought great results so I'm cancelling the subscription soon.
    • $10 → Gumroad → For the eBook and future digital products.
    • $4 → Todoist → To manage Failory's and personal tasks. I'm shifting to their annual plan.
  • $81.52 → PayPal fees. Auch. Stripe isn't available in Argentina. I'm beginning to use less of PayPal anyway.
  • $17.36 → Bank fees from transactions.
  • $12.96 → Gumroad fees coming from the eBook sales.

This brings up $1,668.06 in profits.

What's happening in February?

I came back form holidays super motivated about Failory and I've been doing work much more productively and intelligently.

In February, I'll be working on the projects I described here - mainly on Failory's new website. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it.

Date: February 9