Make lean stuff

I love this meme:


Besides the joke, I agree with the "make stuff" mindset.

Planning, strategizing, conducting market research are all necessary tasks that I generally do at Failory.

However, I don't generally get anything concise from them. I just get some unvalidated ideas.

And the only way of validating those hypothesis is by making stuff and launching it.

But I face a problem there: I need to validate the ideas quickly. That’s when “make lean stuff” rises.

Everything can be built in a lean way. It might not work perfectly. It might require manual work behind. It might mean changing your original idea. But there’s a way to solve that.

So you make stuff, lean, and launch it. In the same time you would have been brainstorming, planning, researching, etc, you’ll launch something and test your hypothesis about that thing on the market.

That’s exactly what I’ve lately been doing on Failory, particularly with content creation and SEO.

Months ago, I’d spend days investigating competitors’ content marketing efforts, coming up with hundreds of keyword ideas, planning how to create the content, etc.

Nowadays, instead, I follow the Lean SEO approach I talked about here:

  1. I come up with a content idea.
  2. I create a quick article for that idea in less than an hour and publish it.
  3. I wait some weeks. If results are:
    • Great → I scale on that idea.
    • Poor → I move on to another content idea.

I encourage you to make lean stuff.

Date: February 17