Market research as a service

I love productized service businesses and I'd like to build one in the future.

One of the ideas I have for these consist of productizing market and competitor research.

I'd have paid for something like this at the moment of starting new projects on Failory.

It'd be great if, apart from data of the market, it included some actionable insights and useful resources to keep learning about the industry.

I think it'd be easy to hire someone to follow some processes and fill documents for each market/niche requested. Also, as you start doing many researches, work would get easier as you would be able to get data, ideas and resources from previous reports.

The main disadvantage is that customers would pay once, rather than monthly.

But if the researches are high-quality and price is reasonable, I think word of mouth would be huge and there would be enough interested people to pay for it every month.

If you start this or a similar business, let me know!

Date: March 2