Failory's new newsletter format

This week, I changed Failory's newsletter format.

In the last months, open and click rates have been decreasing. I guess it's due to a mix of low-quality content, two sponsors per email and a bad newsletter format.

The newsletter list has meant the majority of the Product Market Fit eBook sales. Knowing that one of my goals for 2021 is to grow Failory's revenue to $10k/mo, mainly through digital products, I need to put more work into the emails.

On Thursday, I sent the new format to 25% of the newsletter and the old format to another 25%. I didn't want to send the new format to the whole list just in the case something happened - the email contained sponsors and I didn't want to fuck it and make them have bad results.

After two hours, the old format had got 2 more clicks than the new one, so that email was sent to the missing 50% of the newsletter. The 2 more clicks were probably caused by the old format having many links at the bottom, not because it's better. In the long term, I think the new format will work much better and build a closer relationship with the subscribers.

This is how the old format looked like:


And this is the new one:


The new format has no images (besides the sponsors' ones), contains many more links and has a section where I recommend resources for startup founder I've found in the week.

While the old format was more like a promotional email of Failory's content and sponsors, the new format is more like a Substack newsletter, which shares useful curated links.

The new format is highly inspired in Accelerated's emails (to which I recommend you to subscribe).

Something else I'm missing: the new format is more enjoyable to write. It's the first time in many months I really enjoy writing the weekly email. At some point, I was recently feeling bad creating the old format emails containing so many promotional stuff.

Date: February 22