This year, I'm going all in into Failory's newsletter.

I haven't realized until recently how valuable it is to have an engaged list of people who check our work every week and might be interested in paying for it.

The newsletter was the main source of buyers when we launched Failory's PMF eBook. And by that time, my work on the newsletter wasn't being the best.

I think that if I start sharing better quality information with the subscribers, limit the sponsors to have one (or maybe even zero) per email and focus on building a closer relationship with the subscribers (particularly one of mutual feedback and collaboration), I'll be able to launch many more digital products with considerable success.

It's 2:46 am, so I have no energies to keep writing on why do I think in this way about the newsletter. This was just a random thought I had now as I was re-designing Failory's homepage and decided to change this (focus on the copy and elements, not in the design):


To this:


Date: February 25