Where to find time to build an audience?

I'm already busy building and growing Failory and, in the following weeks, studying for university. How can I find time to dedicate to building an audience?

It was one of my 2021 goals. So they were to grow Failory to $10k/mo and 150k organic users per month. And I've lately found myself deciding between them.

In the last days, I've definitely given more importance to Failory's goals. I haven't almost tweeted or participated in conversations on IH. Instead, I've spent my days building Failory's new website and talking with the new team members.

The habit of writing every day, differently, is going well. I'm still enjoying it and have lots of topics to write about in the following weeks.

I also believe it's because I generally get super engaged with the things I do and I'm able to keep them over time. I went to the same school for 17 years. I played on the same soccer club for more than 8 years. I keep a strong relation with my childhood friends. So I think I'll be able to keep consistency on writing every day for one year.

That's why I also think I should have broken down the goal of building an audience into habits, like write and reply 1 tweet per day. I'm still on time to do it. So, if things keep going on this way, I'll be adding that habit in early March.

Date: February 19