Outsourcing when you don't have time

I've been stuck at a vicious circle for many months:

  • I had too much work.
  • I wanted to delegate part of it.
  • I needed to find and train someone to take care of it.
  • I couldn't dedicate time to this as I had too much work.

Not sure if this is something people generally struggle with, but here are the three solutions I came up with:

1) Hiring experts

Finding and training hired freelancer/agencies is what takes the majority of the time at the moment of outsourcing work.

But you can eliminate one of these two phases by hiring experts who don't need almost any training or information of your business. Note that experts will definitely be more expensive, as they'll be charging you the saved hours.

I did this when hiring writers for the blog. The guy I'm currently working with doesn't require any guidance and almost none corrections on the articles I ask him to write.

2) Abandon some work

You might want to do all the work and projects you're into. But, when feeling so overwhelmed of work, you should start considering abandoning some of it.

Sometimes this won't be possible. In my case, I couldn't abandon studying for university finals, which demanded most of my time.

But there will be others in which, even if it seems like you're already obligated to do some work, you can negotiate to step down of it.

That's what I've done with a Failory online summit I was going to run in February. Despite I had already got some speakers to deliver their video presentations, I've found a way of cancelling and reducing my workload for the month.

3) Saying "No"

Even when I was stuck at this vicious cycle, I'd continue to add more work and projects to my calendar. I struggled to reject new opportunities.

I've lately began to say "No" to more things and became completely goal-oriented at the moment of deciding what to work in.

Saying "No" to new projects will eventually make space within your calendar, allowing you to dedicate time to outsourcing or any other task.

Date: February 11