Plan to build an audience

In 2021, I want to build an audience - in the form of Twitter followers.

I already kind of have an audience under Failory (in the form of email subscribers). But that people follow the brand, not me.

As I explained in my first post, I want to share my thoughts about startups and digital products online and reach a group of people interested in what I have to say.

What's the purpose?

  • Connections → You met new people which might then translate into business opportunities, like partnerships and sponsorships in my case.
  • Feedback → You can ask your followers for thoughts on product/feature ideas. Followers also tend to be supportive and help you on product launches, finding talent, new ventures, etc.
  • Customers → Some of your followers might purchase your product/service, or at least share it with other people who will.

Just to mention some benefits I noted people with big audiences have.

My approach

I'll become more active in the following places:

  • Twitter → I created an account in December 2020, tweeted 3-4 times and already have +200 followers, which sounds crazy to me (btw, follow me!). I have to get consistent on my Twitter efforts and make the shift from tweet consumer to producer.
  • Indie Hackers → I really enjoy spending time in the community, but once again, I have to begin publishing more instead of reading so much. I'll be mainly commenting, rather than posting.
  • Blog → Those who find me on Twitter or IH will have this place to learn further about me and Failory. The articles I'll be publishing every day will mostly be building in public.

Fortunately, I already enjoy spending time on Twitter, IH and writing, so it won't be an special effort I'll be doing for the sake of getting followers.

Date: February 8