SEO Experiment #1

One of my two goals for 2021 is to grow Failory's organic traffic from 50k users per month to 150k.

One of the projects I'll be working on to achieve this consists on creating lots of articles following the Programmatic SEO fundamentals. Particularly, I'll be following the Lean SEO framework created by Pat Walls.

What's the Lean SEO framework?

It's a 5-step process for coming up with content ideas, testing their viability and making a decision based on the results after a month. Steps are:

  1. Research โ†’ Find a content type from which you can get many content topics.
    • Content type โ†’ "Do [Dog Breed] Shed?"
    • Content topics โ†’ "Do Bulldogs Shed?", "Do Golden Retrievers Shed?", etc.
  2. Create โ†’ Write 1-3 content topics for that content type and publish them. It needs to be something fast and unpolished.
  3. Test โ†’ Wait 30 days and keep an eye on the progress.
  4. Measure โ†’ After 30 days, you have a "PPS Meeting". Go to Search Console and based on organic clicks and sessions of the content topics, take a decision:
    • Pivot โ†’ Results were bad. Move on to another content type.
    • Persevere โ†’ Results were just okay. Keep the experiment for 30 more days. Some things you can do:
      • Write 1-3 more content topics for that content type.
      • Improve the content of the published posts.
      • Improve the meta title and descriptions of the published posts.
    • Scale โ†’ Results were amazing. Scale on that content type in order to create and publish all the content topics as fast as possible.
  5. Scale โ†’ Outsource, automate, scrape, build a custom CSS, code. Do it fast and then move to another content type.

Experiment โ†’ "Failed startups in [Place]" & "Failed [Industry] Startups"

It's already strange that we don't have this kind of articles/pages on Failory, as we have all kind of information around failed startups.

The reason is that I felt like the monthly searches for most of the content topics under this content type are pretty low.

However, scaling on this content type won't be really hard, as we already have a ton of data related to failed startups (our interviews and the Cemetery), so we can automate things and automatically create the articles based on the already published content.

Therefore, even if the monthly searches for each of the content topics is low, all of them summed up will make sense for the little amount of efforts we'll have to put into the project.

Just as I finish this article, I'll be creating and publishing, hopefully in less than one or two hours, 4 articles on:

  • Failed startups in Silicon Valley
  • Failed startups in Australia
  • Failed food startups
  • Failed edtech startups

I'll leave them rest for one month and take a decision based on results.

I'm pretty excited and optimistic about this experiment. Google already understands Failory as a trustworthy site for anyone looking for information on failed startups, so I guess beating competitors won't be really hard.

Date: February 14