SEO Experiment #2

I lied you. SEO experiment #1 is not #1. I created and published another experiment one month prior to it. But I wanted to have some more results before sharing it with you.

The experiment consists on creating articles and ranking for keywords with the following format: "[Company] Pitch Deck" and "[Industry] Pitch Deck".

Just as I came with the idea (I think I did when navigating through Product Hunt and finding some shutdown products which consisted on collecting pitch decks), I started writing three articles:

I wanted to find out if 1) those keywords had traffic; 2) Google considered Failory as a trustworthy source for that kind of information.

The articles are simple, as you can see. They took me 2-3 hours to write and publish them all. I extracted the pitch decks from other websites and articles and formatted the post so as to provide a good user experience.

And I waited one month. I didn't even check the Search Console or Google Analytics in that time.

One month later, I found the following results: two article had +30 organic clicks, one had 3-30. Both clicks and impressions were rapidly growing.

+30 clicks each meant one click per day, which was what I had set as my success metric. I thought about going all-in into the content project, as those were great results.

But I decided to wait one more month. I tested and validated the keyword "[Industry] Pitch Deck". But haven't done for "[Company] Pitch Deck" and another concept I later came up with which is "[Startup stage] Pitch Deck".

So I wrote three more articles:

And I waited again. And I'm still waiting as it hasn't been one month yet.

But this time I've cheated and I've checked Google Search Console a few times. The experiment is going well - clicks and impressions keep growing and the three new articles are starting to rank well on the SERPs.

I still have to wait 2 weeks to take the decision, but I'm probably going all-in into the content format. If you're interested in seeing the results, keep an eye on the blog.

Date: February 20