Managing SEO experiments with Notion

I've lately been applying the Lean SEO framework on Failory's blog (which I talked more about here).

To keep track of the status and ideas of my content types and content topics, I've built two Notion dashboards, connected between them.

On the one side, the dashboard of content types.


Let's brake it down:

  • Status โ†’ It has 5 options: Idea (for content types I haven't done any work on), Wait (for the 30 days after the first content topics have been published), persevere, pivot and scale (which are the three decisions you can take on the PPS Meeting).
  • Started โ†’ The date in which I published the first content topics of a content type.
  • Content type โ†’ The idea. If you click on it, it opens a page with a lot more of information, ideas and links about it.
  • Topics โ†’ It's connected to the "Content Topics" dashboard described below. They are the articles I publish for each content type.
  • PPS Meeting โ†’ A date and a reminder after the 30 days the latest content topics have been published.

And then there's the content topics dashboard:


This dashboard has all the articles related to the different content types, with a link to the blog post on Failory and the date they were published.

This simple setup has allowed me to organized my content experiments much better.

Soon, I'll be giving access to the dashboards to some team members, so they'll at the moment of collaborating with others.

Date: February 27