Started listening to The Lean Startup Method

Last month, I started using Audible and listening to startup books. The first book I listen to (and found incredibly useful) was Clockwork (Spanish version).

Now I have another credit on Audible and I decided to get The Lean Startup Method (in Spanish as well).

I'm not sure how much value will this add to me, as I've read thousands of articles on how to start a startup, build MVPs, validate ideas, etc, and most of these were based on the principles taught in the book. But I couldn't call myself a "startup founder" without having read Eric Ries' book.

On the side, there are few Spanish business audiobooks, besides the classic ones like "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "7 habits of highly effective people" (which I will definitely not read), so I didn't have many options to choose from!

Date: March 19