Struggling to hire developers

Today I spent at least 3 hours hiring someone to build a table of content for Failory's blog and an email template for ConvertKit.

Both things are super simple and don't require an advanced development knowledge. I thought I'd be able to delegate that work quickly and move on to work on other more important things.

But posting the job in Upwork, explaining the details, replying applicants' questions and deciding who to hire was incredibly time-consuming and hard.

And I'm pretty sure the quality of the delivered work won't be great. The guy of the email template has already asked me dozens of questions he could have found on Google, and the guy of the table of contents has firstly delivered exactly what the instructions asked him no to deliver.

And I guess there's some fault on my end. I have almost 0 development knowledge and I struggle to provide clear instructions to developers. I think in the future I'll learn some things about programming.

Date: March 16