Working with consultants

Hiring consultants has brought incredible ROIs for Failory.

The first consultants we worked with were from GrowthMentor. Most of them offered their time for free as a way of gaining reviews on the new platform.

One week, we had calls with 10-15 of them to talk about Failory's monetization. We were making around $300-$400/mo by then. The following month, we started making +$1,000/mo.

Then I came across a paid newsletter called Trends.vc (which I strongly recommend you to subscribe to if you’re interested in startups and entrepreneurship) and got to know its founder, Dru Riley.

I was considering subscribing to Trends newsletter at $99/year when I realized there was a plan that included weekly 30-minute calls with Dru for one whole year and only costed $300.

I thought those calls would be really beneficial for Failory and for me, as Dru already had experience on many of the things I wanted to work in or achieve, like digital products, growing a newsletter and building an audience in Twitter.

Dru’s consultancy has had an incredible ROI and it has been not even 4 months since we started our calls. Hand’t been because of Dru, I wouldn’t have created Failory’s #1 digital product, the Product Market Fit eBook, which would then bring +$3k in sales.

Recently, I've also started to work with a SEO consultant called Karyn Corrigan that I've found through a mentorship marketplace called Mentor Cruise.

We have weekly 30-minute calls - many of them have been radical for Failory's blog and SEO projects. Without her help, I'd have no clue on where to move on in order to grow Failory's organic traffic and achieve 2021's goal of 150k organic users per month.

Recommendation → Work with consultants. They can be life-changer for your business and the ROIs can be incredible high.

Date: February 15