Habit: Writing every day

One of my 2021 year resolutions was to begin writing daily.

I knew that in January I'd be taking a 3-week holiday so I decided I'd begin in February.

I came back home yesterday, and today, after spending the whole day getting up to date with my email and Failory things, I've started this habit I hope to keep throughout the year.

Habit's characteristics

  1. Publish my writings online: I want to keep my writings separated from Failory, so I'll be building a personal website with a blog.
  2. No specific amount of daily words: Neither minimum nor maximum amount of words written every day.
  3. Freedom to write about whatever: I will be writing about whatever I feel like each day. Having said that, I'm pretty sure most of the posts will be about startups and Failory (the stuff I'm working on there, aka build in public).
  4. Grammar mistakes are allowed: I'm not a native English speaker (I'm from Argentina, we speak Spanish) and I want to avoid spending a lot of time proof-reading my writings.

Habit's purpose

I started writing this section by listing all the benefits I think writing online will provide me with.

Then I realized they could all be summarized into:

Communicate with the world

One of my plans for 2021 is to build a personal audience.

I want to publish my thoughts and knowledge about startups and digital products and get this in front of some people.

I already kind of do this in Failory and have been able to build an audience of people there (+70,000 website users per month and +7,500 email subscribers).

But this people follow Failory as a brand, not me. They just hear of me once a week when I send an email and write "It's Nico, from Failory" at the beginning, but I feel like that's not enough in order to build a solid connection with them.

Writing every day will give me a space to share my thoughts and share what I work in and how I do it.

I'm a big fan of the "build in public" framework and I believe the daily writings will be a great way to employ it.

Communicate with myself

This is just my hypothesis based on what I've heard from people who've been writing daily/weekly for years.

Even if no one else reads my writings, I feel like this habit will help me:

  • Organize my thoughts and emotions.
  • Understand and analyze me better.
  • Hold myself accountable of my work.
  • Improve how I write and, overall, communicate.

Date: February 5